Conor McGregor ‘heartbroken’ after dog and ‘closest companion’ Hugo dies

Conor McGregor ‘heartbroken’ after dog and ‘closest companion’ Hugo dies

Conor McGregor said he was sad 😭 after the death of his dog, Hugo.

Conor McGregor shared Hugo’s ten photos on his Instagram account. Hugo was a puppy when McGregor bought him, and he had been with him for most of his career.

I am so sad to say my dog Hugo has passed away. He was such a great companion and helped me through hard times. From sleeping on the bed frame without a mattress to all of the other things that came after.

“Thank you for all the work you did with me to get this life right for our family. We will miss all the love and cuddles forever and ever from Hugo! I am so sad 💔. RIP the best dog Hugo McGregor [🙏].”

The photos of Hugo with McGregor’s wife, Dee, and his kids include Conor Jr., Croatia, and baby Rian.😭

Michael Bisping is the former UFC champion. He told him to fight someone who could fight. McGregor is an Irishman, and he was accused of punching an Italian DJ in Rome.

In 2019, McGregor was caught on camera, and it looked like he punched a man in Ireland. In July, McGregor was at the MTV Music Awards, and there was an incident with American rapper Machine Gun Kelly. Recently, DJ Francesco Facchinetti said that McGregor broke his nose when they were at a party in Rome.

The incident was unexpected and unprovoked after the former two-weight UFC champion spent time with Facchinetti.

Facchinetti said on Instagram 😭: “I could not have said anything, but since I’m here, I must say that person is really violent and dangerous.”

Bisping is a retired middleweight from Manchester. He has had his say on the alleged incident.

Conor McGregor needs to get his s**t together. If he does not, then this will end badly. He needs people around him that are going to tell him “no.” He also needs people who are going to hold him accountable.

It seems like it was a long time ago, but he was the double world champion. I liked him. I don’t like this guy anymore. He’s going to lose soon because Conor can’t keep fighting forever, and he might pick on the wrong person one day!

Conor McGregor ‘heartbroken’ after dog and ‘closest companion’ Hugo dies

McGregor last fought in July. He had a broken leg at the end of the first round of his fight with Dustin Poirier. In their first fight, McGregor defeated Poirier in the first round, and he won their second fight in January after knocking out Poirier in the second round.

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