Critical Role Campaign 3 October Premiere Date Announced

Critical Role Campaign 3 October Premiere Date Announced, Will Simulcast in Movie Theaters

Critical Role ended its first campaign two adventures ago. Now, it’s time for campaign 3 to start. It will start in a few weeks!.

Critical Role will be back with a new campaign. It will start on October 21 at 7 pm PT, and it is on Twitch and YouTube. Everybody who was in the first two campaigns will be back, including Matthew Mercer, Ashley Johnson, Marisha Ray, Taliesin Jaffe, Travis Willingham, Sam Riegel, and Laura Bailey. Critical Role will have a few new faces on it. They haven’t said who the guests are yet, but they may tell you more soon.

In Season 3 of this show, a new group of people will join the others in Marquet, and it will take place after what happened in Exandria Unlimited and the Mighty Nein campaign.

Critical Role Campaign 3 October Premiere Date Announced, Will Simulcast in Movie Theaters

The premiere of this show will be broadcast live on Twitch and YouTube. It will also be shown in 20 cities on the night of the premiere. If you want more information, go to Cinemark’s website.

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New episodes, Critical Role Campaign 3, will come out. They start at 7 pm on Thursdays, and you can watch them on Twitch and YouTube. If you subscribe to Twitch, then you can see the videos right away. And if you don’t, then they will be available one week later on YouTube at 12 pm. You can also find

Critical Role ended their second campaign in 2021, but they haven’t been quiet since then. Recently they aired Critical Role Limited Series Exandria Unlimited, which included new adventurers and a story set in the CR timeline. And CR has expanded in different directions beyond the weekly D&D live stream, with new shows on Twitch and YouTube, comic books.

Company’s new board nd card game publishing arm, Darrington Press, has released its first game. The company created it from their Kickstarter that was successful. They are continuing to work on an animated series that will be on Amazon for a long time.

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