Hailey Bieber Shuts Down Rumours That Justin’s Not Nice to Her

Hailey Bieber Shuts Down Rumors That Justin Bieber's Not Nice to Her (1)

Hailey says that the rumor that Justin is being mean to her is not true. It’s not even close to reality, so she finds it funny.

On the latter’s 4D podcast this week, Demi Lovato asked her ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas if he has “lived in self-esteem” since their split. Nick said yes and revealed that after their breakup, she would be furious for days longer than she’d been enraged before it. When asked why there was akin a big change
Hailey advises Demi that it’s B.S…. Hailey explains to Demi that the best way to combat people who provide phony personal viewpoints (POVs) on Twitter and elsewhere is to be aware of the truth — which she claims she is.

That is, unless you’re a fan of competition. Then there’s a good chance that you’ve been chiming in on the debate lately. The same goes for when it comes to finding love and relationships: reality can be an uncomfortable experience at times, but it’s always better than internet drama or hearsay. In today’s culture, where everyone

Hailey is not making this up. People take videos of her and Justin together and then they make theories about what it means. One example was last week at the VMAs. Justin won an award but he did not hug Hailey on his way up to get it. Some people think that he was mean for not hugging her.

Of course, he called her out on stage while accepting the award … so this is simply one of many instances where individuals connect dots that don’t exist. Another occurred earlier this summer.


Following a performance in Las Vegas, Justin was shown on video. You can see him animatedly conversing with Hailey in the viral TikTok video. Some people claimed he had “screamed” at her – but as Hailey points out, that’s nonsense. According to eyewitnesses, he appeared genuinely excited. With that in mind, Hailey’s nod to Lizzo seems apt… believe what you want, individuals!

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