Z Nation Season 6: Cancelled? Full Detail

Z Nation Season 6 Cancelled Full Detail (2)

Before The Walking Dead, people thought that zombie TV shows were unlikely to be a big hit. But then 28 Days Later happened and other movies like Resident Evil. Then The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman became popular as well as the graphic novel. Frank Darabont then directed the pilot episode and was the showrunner of the show.

The Walking Dead is a big show. It has concerts, games, and movies. The show can get sad sometimes because it’s always bad things happening. Z Nation is a television show that aired on SYFY in 2014. It has zombies in it. The show was created because people were tired of the other zombie shows that did not have much darkness. Z Nation was shocking. The show had Harold Perrineau as a star, but he was dead by the first episode. Z Nation lacked the budget of The Walking Dead, but they made up for it with a sense of fun and never took themselves too seriously. Game of Thrones author George R.R Martin even cameoed as a zombie version of himself during the second season.

Z Nation was a show that people liked. It made good money for SYFY. Fans were sad when they heard it was canceled. It might have been because it had five seasons and networks only give shows five seasons, or they might have noticed that costs were going up a lot and decided to cancel the show.

Z Nation fans can take a break from the show. They can watch a TV show that is about the beginning of Z Nation. It’s different from Z Nation, though. There will be more seasons, but there won’t be any characters from Z Nation in it.

Z Nation Season 6: Plot

The episode starts with Citizen Z telling us that he is at the NORAD base. He says that the 24th Infantry Division of the United States Army went to the area back in December, but there was no signal after that. When everyone realized that they were all dead or zombified., they abandoned it. A drone comes back, though, showing a few zombies walking around where Earth gets surrounded by something blue and weird-looking during daylight hours out on North America.

It also shows people wearing space suits at night who are led by someone with red hair. The group has been living inside NORAD ever since their plane crash-landed here during an event where thousands of planes had crashed all over the world. Citizen Z feels sorry for the people because he knows what it’s like to be surrounded by zombies all over the place. The group had enough food for them, but not enough for everyone anymore. A lady named Harper, the red-haired leader of this group shows up with a camera monitor and asks Citizen Z why he is still there. Citizen Z says that he was waiting for them even though he knew they were never getting back.

Z Nation Season 6 Cancelled Full Detail (1) (1)

The episode then shows some flashbacks to before all of this happens where we see Murphy (Keith Allan) poking fun at Roberta (Pisay Pao), Doc (Russell Hodgkinson) standing on top of an RV looking out for zombies, Addy (Anastasia Baranova) saying hi to her boyfriend Citizen Z, and more of the gang having fun in a diner.

When we see Citizen Z talking to us, he says that even though these people were going through some seriously messed up stuff, they still gave him a sense of hope when he needed it most. We then get a glimpse at what is happening in NORAD, with Harper telling everyone to go into lockdown because there are zombies all over the place. A zombie comes from behind and kills one of them by biting his neck off, but Harper uses her katana-like weapon to stab him in the head with it. Meanwhile, back in the present time with Citizen Z goes on about how they were safe underground during daylight hours and got close to each other since they couldn’t leave this place.

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