Blue Exorcist Season 3: Release Date and Plot and What you Want to Know


If you like watching fights between humans and demons, and if you are a fan of anime, then I recommend that you watch Blue Exorcist. And for all the people waiting for Blue Exorcist Season 3, we have good news!

Blue-Exorcist-SeasonDid you like season 2? It was a cliffhanger! I am ready and waiting for the new season to come. This article will tell you everything about it. You will know when it starts, how long it will be, and what is going to happen!

The First Release of Blue Exorcist

This is the first time this anime has been broadcast in Japan. It was on April 17th, 2011. Kazue Kato wrote the manga with the aforementioned. Tensai Okamura oriented the first season of the gum anime series and Koichi Hatsumi directed the second one, which was made by “A-1 Pictures.”

What Happened in Season 1?

In the Blue Exorcist Season One, the anime showed what was called Assiah and Gehenna. Humans used to live in Assiah, but demons lived in Gehenna. And there wasn’t any contact between these two dimensions.  Satan wanted to be Rin’s host. But when our protagonist Rin Okumura learned he was actually Satan’s son, he did not want it. At the end of season one, when Shiro died to keep him safe from Satan, Rin became angry. He was looking for a way to defeat his so-called father and protect Assiah.

What Happened in Season 2?

In Blue Exorcist Season 2, Rin found out that he was the son of Satan. This caused problems between him and Shura because she was his aunt. It also caused problems between him and Yukio, who is his brother. Rin then tried to get the Left Eye of the Impure King so he could control his powers better and became a stronger exorcist.

Somebody stole the sword that Rin looked for. It was a sword with power. The king without a good heart got revealed and in the end of season 2, Rin tried to defeat him with the sword.

What does Will happen in Season 3?

The manga has a total of twenty five volumes, which is more than the first two seasons (which have 9 volumes). The story will start in the chapter called “Illuminati Arc”. The leader of the Illuminati is Lucifer. He wants to awaken Satan again.  Satan can transform into a huge Gehenna Gate. Demons and Lucifer will try to reunite the Assiah and the Gehenna. Rin and Yukio are our hope.

When Will Season 3 Be Aired?

The first season was on April 17, 2011. The second one was on January 7, 2017. In this time there were 6 years between the premier of the two seasons. And you also have to know that because we are in the middle of a pandemic, it is understandable if production is delayed. We can expect the season three to be telecast at the end of 2022 or at the beginning of 2023 for sure.

Blue Exorcist Season 3 Ratings

The show on TV is rated 7.5 by IMDB and 8.3 out of 10 by


This anime is the winner of two awards. One for best male lead voice and four other nominations.

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