2 dead, 5 injured after gunfire erupts near Peck Park in San Pedro

2 dead, 5 injured after gunfire erupts near Peck Park in San Pedro

Los Angeles’ San Pedro (CSU) According to authorities, there were two fatal shootings and five other injuries that occurred on Sunday in a park in San Pedro. Four of the seven people hit by gunfire were initially reported in critical condition while they were being taken to nearby hospitals, according to authorities.

Later, according to the authorities, two persons passed away in the hospital.

Just before 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the event was reported at or close to a car show in Peck Park on N. Western Avenue. The gunshot, according to police, did not appear to have taken place at the performance itself, despite being close to where hundreds of people had congregated.

Witnesses reported seeing hundreds of people gathered at the park for both the auto show and other events. People fled the area in horror as soon as the firing started.

Dwayne Ellis, a witness, claimed, “All of a sudden, we heard three rounds — pow pow pow.” “Then we heard 50 or 100 more, followed by a pow and a boom boom. several shot types. There was running.”

According to the police, a quarrel between two individuals took place near the park’s baseball diamond at the start of the incident. They claimed that it was not a situation with active shooters.

Police are looking into the possibility that there were more shooters exchanging shots. According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, four men and three women were transported to nearby hospitals.

As they looked into the shooting, police surrounded the park with a cordon. The suspected shooters’ identities were not immediately known.

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