Season 3 of ‘Blown Away’ Platforms the Work of 10 Contestants — Where Was It Filmed?

Season 3 of 'Blown Away' Platforms the Work of 10 Contestants — Where Was It Filmed (1)

Season 3 of Blown Away features 10 incredibly driven glassblowers and honours the extraordinary technical and creative abilities needed to succeed in this fiercely competitive field. The well-known reality television programme, which is hosted by Nick Uhas of Smosh Lab and Big Brother: USA fame, brings viewers behind the scenes to demonstrate how the most amazing glass masterpieces are formed. Where was Blown Away Season 3 shot?

The locations where “Blown Away” Season 3 was filmed are listed below.
Blown Away’s third season, which has 10 episodes, puts John Moran, Brenna Baker, John Sharvin, and a variety of other equally great performers to the test. And the award? A residency at the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, New York, and $60,000 are awarded to the competition’s winner. Like in previous seasons, the upcoming episodes demand that entrants go above and beyond the call of creativity in order to create truly original designs that are sure to astound the judges and the audience.

Blown Away, created by the Canadian production studio Marblemedia, had its world premiere on Makeful in Canada before going live on Netflix on July 12, 2019.

In what Nick has branded as North America’s Largest Hot Shop, previous seasons of the show were shot in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. On Imperial Street, close to Sherman Avenue, is where the warehouse he was referring to is situated. Season 3’s production information has not yet been disclosed to the general public.

For Season 3 of “Blown Away,” Katherine Gray is back in the lead judging position. How about the visiting judges?

Before she became a glass artist and university lecturer, Katherine Gray attended the Ontario College of Art and the Rhode Island School of Design. She is the department’s chair at California State University, San Bernardino, where she teaches art and design. Katherine has developed into a key character in Blown Away over the past few years. She must first provide high appreciation to everyone who wants to turn their time on Blown Away into true success.

But the fight isn’t just about winning Katherine over. The contestants will have to win over a panel of special judges, which will include Dr. Marianne Mader, a space scientist who has worked for both NASA and the Canadian Space Agency, Deborah Czeresko, the Season 1 Blown Away winner, Chris Clarke, the director of operations at the Pittsburgh Glass Center, and others.

Who won “Blown Away” season 3?

In the Season 3 conclusion of Blown Away, John Moran, the competitor who identifies himself as a “politically and socially active glass sculptor, mixed media artist, and all around good person” on Instagram, was declared the winner after a contentious argument with Minhi Su. John came up with the idea of a lost rabbit lying next to a patch of grass for his masterwork. The exquisite composition left a lasting impression on the judges, helping John to secure his position as the competition’s victor.

Netflix currently has Blown Away Season 3 available.

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