Fugitive Wanted on Warrant Arrested in Apple Valley Following Multi-State Crime Spree

Fugitive Coveted on Warrant Arrested in Apple Valley Following Multi-State Crime Spree

ST. GEORGE, S.D. — Following a spree of thefts and vehicle burglaries that spanned three states last year, a Washington County man was apprehended on a fugitive warrant issued out of Nevada in January 2021.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office received notice on Monday that a $30,000 fugitive warrant had been issued out of Nevada on Liam Leroy Colligan, 22, of Apple Valley, and deputies captured him later that day.

Multiple offences were mentioned on the warrant, including five felony counts of burglary of a motor vehicle and one count of felony grand larceny, all of which were filed in Clark County, Nevada. According to the warrant issued by the Mesquite Township Justice Court on April 19, Colligan also faces a gross misdemeanour charge of harming or tampering with a motor vehicle.

The complaint was filed in October of last year, and a warrant for Cooligan’s arrest was issued after he allegedly failed to appear in court in Nevada.

The charges were filed in connection with a number of vehicle burglaries recorded in Mesquite from January to the first week of February, according to Mesquite Police Sgt. Wyatt Oliver. There were seven different events, he stated, that were merged into one case.

Colligan was also arrested on a no-bail warrant issued by the 5th District Court in St. George on Monday, in connection with a 2021 case brought in January in response to a number of vehicle burglaries recorded in Washington County around the same time as the Nevada incidents.

Colligan was arrested and placed into jail just after 8 p.m. on a fugitive warrant out of Nevada, as well as a no-bail warrant out of St. George’s 5th District Court.

The Washington County Attorney’s Office also filed the proper papers documenting the suspect’s Nevada charges on Tuesday, allowing Utah to detain him pending extradition hearings.

The guy allegedly broke into a number of automobiles as he went through Nevada, Arizona, and Utah, according to Oliver, resulting in criminal cases being filed in all three states.

According to court filings filed in Washington County last year, the alleged crime spree came to a stop on Jan. 21, 2021, when the defendant was apprehended after a chase with a Bureau of Land Management ranger.

The chase began in Arizona, when a Mohave County Sheriff’s deputy became involved in a chase with the pickup truck in which Colligan was reportedly a passenger, and continued into Utah, where it was picked up by a BLM ranger, who was soon joined by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and other surrounding agencies.

The chase came to a stop when the driver, Terrance Davis, and his passenger, Colligan, pulled over and fled the vehicle. Both of them then ran away from the scene on foot. A short time later, the two were caught and put into the Washington County jail.

Officers then discovered that the pickup truck in which the suspects fled was reported stolen out of Bunkerville, Nevada, and that the licence plates located on the truck had been taken from a car in LaVerkin, according to court papers.

The pickup truck was transported to an impound yard in Hurricane after the arrest. A search of the truck led to the connection of a number of seemingly unconnected vehicle burglaries occurred across Washington County around the same time.

Officers in LaVerkin were responding to an allegation of an overnight vehicle robbery of multiple bank and credit cards, an identification card, and a Pokemon backpack when the pursuit from Arizona into Utah was taking place.

Meanwhile, later that day, another break-in was recorded involving the overnight theft of an Everstart jump pack, a park pass, and a pair of binoculars from a car.

At roughly the same time, a third vehicle burglary was reported in LaVerkin, involving a car that was broken into in the parking lot of a local motel. The owner informed authorities that he was sleeping at the hotel while working on a remodel at a nearby petrol station, and that on the night of Jan. 21, someone entered into his truck and stole several Milwaukee brand power equipment labelled with his employer’s name.

Officers found a majority of the things allegedly taken from several vehicles during a search of the truck at the Hurricane impound yard, including a Utah driver’s licence and a bank card belonging to one of the vehicle burglary victims.

Officers noticed a Pokemon backpack held up by a Mohave County Sheriff’s deputy matched the one taken during the car burglary in LaVerkin. The owner’s name was also printed on the object, as were several of the documents found within.

Officers also found the jump pack, binoculars, and stolen licence plate in LaVerkin, as well as a variety of power equipment worth more than $1,500 that had the same identifying marks as the items taken from the car parked at the LaVerkin motel.

Officers also recovered some of the material stolen during the auto burglaries in Mesquite, Oliver said, with almost $1,700 worth of stolen property discovered at a campsite in Arizona where Colligan had been living with the co-defendant previous to the pursuit.

According to the article, Liam was the subject of various investigations for crimes allegedly committed in Utah, Nevada, and Arizona after the two-state chase. Officers went to the jail four days after Colligan’s arrest in 2021 to meet with him, but the interview was cut short when Colligan sought an attorney.

The suspect faced multiple charges in connection with the vehicle burglaries in Washington County, including one felony count of unlawful acquisition of a financial card and four misdemeanour counts of theft by receiving stolen property, in addition to the charges filed in Mohave County related to the pursuit. The case was filed in Utah’s 5th District Court, and a no-bail warrant was issued as a result.

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