Common Crimes in Knoxville, at Ut and How to Stay Informed

Common Crimes in Knoxville, at Ut and How to Stay Informed

Knoxville, according to, is one of Tennessee’s ten most dangerous cities, with crime rates close to Chattanooga and Kingsport.

UTPD and the Knoxville Police Department (KPD) have built tools to enhance openness and knowledge in an attempt to keep individuals informed and aware.

The UTK crime log is a tool for staying informed about crimes on the UT campus in the last 60 days, and it is organized in several categories: a description and date of the incident, the date and time it was reported to UTPD, the incident number, the location of the incident — which can include residence halls on campus — the name and addresses of those arrested (though this is not always listed), and the disposition, which includes an update column.

The Clery Act, which was signed into law in 1990, mandates institutions to report crimes committed on campus, including sexual assault. According to the website of the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN), this statute gives students and others affiliated with colleges greater openness about crimes occurring on and around campus. This is why UT must maintain a current and accessible crime record.

Sexual offenses, such as harassment, and drug and alcohol charges, such as liquor law breaches and underage drinking, are the most prevalent offenses on the 60-day UTK crime log. Assault, vandalism, and stealing are some of the most prevalent crimes.

As of April 18, the following are some statistics for the month of April:

So far this month, 46 occurrences have been recorded. Eighteen of them had to do with theft or burglary, while nine had to do with violence. The rest were dispersed throughout a variety of categories, including allegations of alcohol and drug abuse, vandalism, and breaches of firearms regulations.

For example, the most recent offense recorded to the UTK crime log happened near Cumberland Avenue on Sunday, April 17. A guy was detained for DUI first offense, implied consent violation, simple possession casual exchange, and confiscation, according to the incident report.

The Knoxville Police Department (KPD) is responsible for crimes that occur in Knoxville and the adjacent regions, which includes UT on occasion. KPD will sometimes get engaged in significant cases and crimes at UT and Fort Sanders.

The best method to keep up with KPD and current crimes, as well as missing individuals, is to follow @Knoxville PD on Twitter. The Community Crime Map and Crime Insight, on the other hand, are two more excellent tools for staying informed.

The Community Crime Map is a searchable interactive map that allows users to view what crimes have been committed in Knoxville and when. The map may be customized to other dates and hours, displaying crimes from a given year as well as crimes by kind.

Crime Insight is a database that keeps track of crimes committed in Tennessee. Filtering choices include city and county, as well as region – East, Middle, and West. Users may see all crimes committed by category, which includes a broad range of options. There’s even a section dedicated to heroin and fentanyl.

It’s critical to keep educated, attentive, and most importantly, safe, whether you live on campus or in a Knoxville neighborhood.

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