Hawaii Loa Ridge Murder Suspect Bail Hearing Rescheduled

Hawaii Loa Ridge Murder Suspect Bail Hearing Rescheduled

The bail hearing for the murder suspect from Hawaii’s Loa Ridge has been delayed.

(CSU) HONOLULU — The suspect in the Hawaii Loa Ridge murder’s bail hearing has been postponed for Thursday, May 5. At 10 a.m., Juan Baron will have his bond hearing.

The counsel for Baron requested that the bond hearing be rescheduled for Monday, April 25.

After police started a bathtub in Gary Ruby’s Hawaii Loa Ridge house was filled with a concrete-plaster material with a coating of coffee grounds on the top, the medical examiner chief investigator, forensic anthropologist, and evidence expert entered at approximately 1 p.m. on Tuesday, March 8.

Baron is suspected of assassinating Ruby and encasing his corpse in cement in a tub at Ruby’s Loa Ridge mansion in Hawaii.

The murder took place between January and March, according to court filings.

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