Spotlighting the #WomenOfTikTok this March

Spotlighting the #WomenOfTikTok this March

The TikTok community is encouraged to participate in various Women’s Month hashtag competitions to create, share, & inspire one other.

TikTok, a popular short-form mobile video platform, celebrates the #WomenOfTikTok during March with live streams, week-long hashtag challenges, & unique in-app filters and templates for video makers. The portal will promote female TikTok creators who have used the app to connect with their fans and follow their dreams. Every week, a new topic will be featured to inspire, empower, and recognize women. TikTok’s aim to encourage and uplift women and acknowledge their strength and diversity continues with this project.

Hashtag competitions that #InspireHER, #EmpowerHER, or #CelebrateHER are being held.

Participants from all around the TikTok platform are encouraged to participate in various Women’s Month challenges to motivate one another. Just come up with a creative way to include the week’s hashtag into your TikTok video and post it. The Discover stream allows users to see what else is available in videos.

It was #InspireHER that was the focus of the first challenge, which lasted from March 7 to March 13. Ayn Bernos, a TikTok content maker and skin color acceptance campaigner was featured in a video shared on the platform each week.

The following hashtag, #EmpowerHER, will be active from March 14 through March 20. If you’d like to participate in this challenge by sharing your thoughts about being a woman in today’s culture, this is the place to do it! It is an excellent opportunity for the TikTok community, and especially the female members, to inspire others by posting their most recent achievements and life milestones on the feed.

For March, #CelebrateHER is the featured hashtag, and the challenge is for users to come up with any trend inspired by the hashtag. #WomenOfTikTok will be awarded unique TikTok creator packages filled with exclusive stuff at the end of the week.

The #WomenOfTikTok Tiny Live Series may be viewed here:

This International Women’s Month, TikTok offers a four-part mini LIVE series. The series began on March 13 and will continue on March 20th, 27th, and 31st. There are several inspiring TikTok videos featuring strong female producers discussing the challenges and triumphs of being a woman. As the voice of Philippine Airlines’ on-board safety announcements, Inka Magnaye is a well-known TikTok video maker and voiceover artist.

The live streams will feature a diverse group of guests, including Krizzle, from various professions. Hannah Rei Santos MD, RMT, a TikTok star known for her health suggestions, and Lyqa Maravilla, an online education creator. Some notable women in entertainment, like Denise Barbacena of GMA Playlist, Miss Transglobal 2020 Mela Habijan, and Andrea So of GMA’s Point of View (POV) skits, will also appear in the show.

In addition to ABS-CBN news correspondent & multimedia journalist Jacque Manabat, viewers may expect to see Filipina taekwondo champion Pauline Lopez and the Philippines’ national karate team’s Jamie Lim on the LIVE series Asian Championships. On the list of Livestream guests is KAIA, a five-member Filipino girl group.

There were three special guests on March 13: Gaming video artist and cosplayer Myrtle Sarrosa, #GeekTokPH’s sole rose, Kyla Reblora, Transgender beauty pageant coordinator Basha Subijano. Sab and Belden were also involved in the short LIVE event.

TikTok has a variety of activities planned for International Women’s Month, including hashtag challenges & live streams and a variety of special effects and templates aimed at boosting women’s self-esteem, showing support, and promoting female empowerment. Faux freckles, flowers filter, and #WomenOfTikTok hashtag are just some options available to TikTok’s female members.

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