Jackson Mahomes Does TikTok Dance On Slain NFL Player’s Number Tribute

Jackson Mahomes Does TikTok Dance On Slain NFL Player's Number Tribute

Jackson Mahomes, the brother of Patrick Mahomes (an NFL quarterback in Kansas City), got in trouble after he danced on a jersey-number memorial. The Washington player was honored, and it made Jackson Mahomes feel happy.

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The Mahomes, who was younger, posted a TikTok clip showing him dancing on the sideline at Washington’s FedEx Field. The Washington Football squad held a ceremony to retire Sean Taylor’s number from 24. Sean Taylor, who was older, was shot to passing by a home invader in 2007.

Mahomes apologized on Twitter for “accidentally” stepping on the tribute. He and others were told to stand in a roped-off area, but he stepped over the rope.

I did not mean to be discourteous when I said what I said.

Many people criticized Mahomes for pouring water on hecklers. He took heat last month.

Mahomes, who has 1 million followers on TikTok, deleted the post. He also posted another TikTok where he dances in a luxury box at the game.

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