Tiktok Will Increase Video Length to Ten Minutes to Compete with Youtube

Tiktok Will Increase Video Length to Ten Minutes to Compete with Youtube

Chinese Company Bytedance Announced an Increase in The Length of Videos on The Social Network Tiktok from The Current Three to Ten Minutes.

In July last year, ByteDance increased the length of TikTok videos to three minutes after the platform previously allowed videos as short as one minute. The company attributed the increase in time to giving content creators more flexibility and limiting the number of posts with multiple parts.

A ByteDance spokesperson noted that the introduction of ten-minute videos would benefit the community and enrich the TikTok experience. It should also open up even more creative possibilities for video makers worldwide. Thus, the social network intends to attract the YouTube audience to publish long videos.

Social media expert Matt Navarra noted that longer content would be easier to monetize and keep people on the platform but notes that ByteDance could make a separate section for long videos. Last month, the company announced it was testing paid subscriptions to TikTok.

According to social media strategist and researcher Matt Navarra’s tweets, some users received the news in the form of an app notification:

Is TikTok still a venue for short-form videos? After today’s announcement that the maximum time for uploads would be increased to 10 minutes, it seems less and less so. TikTok introduced the three-minute😫😫😫 video upload limit in July of last year, but this is the most considerable increase yet, and it will now be implemented internationally.

According to a TikTok spokesman quoted by The Verge, “We are continuously thinking of new ways in which we can enhance our community and extend the TikTak experience. ” “Last year, we launched lengthier films to give our community more time to create and be amused on TikTok. It is our aim that this new feature will open up even more creative avenues for our creators throughout the world,” we said in a blog post.

For as long as it has been a driving force behind the rapid ascent of TikTok, which relied on a constant supply of short films to grab consumers’ attention, the business has been experimenting with lengthier formats as well. Longer videos help TikTok compete with YouTube (which favors long-form content) and attract an older demographic while increasing users’ time on the app. In addition, a shift to lengthier material may cost the company by restricting the amount of data it can gather on customers’ watching habits, which allows it to personalize the algorithms it employs to attract people in the first place. Getting it just right is a delicate balancing act when it comes to content length.

TikTok’s opponents, pushed on by TikTok’s success, have taken the opposite approach to TikTok’s expansion. With Reels, YouTube’s short-form videos, and Snapchat’s Spotlight, short-form videos have become increasingly popular on social media as many firms as possible are engaged in the pursuit of the ideal recipe.

Navarra tells The Verge that longer-form content is “easier to monetize and keeps users on platform longer” in general. However, he asserts that TikTok must now figure out how to position and promote these videos on its site. He argues that it doesn’t fit well in the vertical stream with the shorter material people are used to skimming through.

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