Man Killed Driver After argument Shot at Tempe Officer

Man Killed Driver After argument Shot at Tempe Officer

Arrests have been made in the deaths of two drivers and the attempted carjacking of an officer in Tempe, Arizona, on Friday night.

There was an altercation in Kyrene Road and Guadalupe Road in San Antonio, Texas, on March 11 at around 5:30 pm.

Police say one of the drivers exited his vehicle and fired at the other, killing the other motorist.

Moments later, a police officer from Tempe arrived at the site, mistaking it for a car accident. The assailant, who was still standing on the street when the shooting began, then fled, according to police.

As he fled via Benedict Park’s parking lot, the suspect made one last carjacking attempt but was unsuccessful.

He returned to his car and pursued the culprit, who eventually surrendered to the police.

Authorities with the Tempe Police Department released a statement that they had confirmed the officer had not fired his weapon and was fortunate to escape with no injuries.

The investigation is still in progress. The victims’ identities are being kept under wraps.

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