Tucson Police Department Adds Violent Crime Reduction Unit

Tucson Police Department Adds Violent Crime Reduction Unit

There is a news station in Tucson called KVOA. TUCSON: A fourth department has been added to the Tucson Police Department, making it even bigger. Special Services and Innovation Bureau is the name of the group. A new group called the Violent Crime Reduction Unit will also be added.

People in Tucson want to cut down on violent crime, so this is all part of that goal. 93 people were killed in 2021, which was a record. Even though it’s only been three days, Tucson police have recorded their 10th homicide of the year already. An extra person than last year.

Brian Patrick Easter, 54, has been charged with second-degree murder in the last week. His 83-year-old mother died because of him, TPD said. Devyn Scott McKenndall, 19, was charged with four counts of aggravated assault when he was taken in by police.

There was an accident at a student housing complex that is called the Hub. Cops in Tucson say McKendall shot and hurt four people. A few of the violent incidents that police are trying to find out about are shown in this list.

They say that’s also why they should set up a Violent Crime Reduction unit in the Special Services and Innovation Bureau, because it’s important. There is a new bureau that Capt. Stacie Schaner works for now.

Schaner: “The goal here is to use data and evidence-based strategies to better understand responses in the community so that offenders can be identified and that offenders can be held accountable,” she said. Find people who might become offenders and try to talk to them before they cross that line.

A lot of this is done in order to keep people safe in the community In the Special Services and Innovation Bureau there are units like the MHST, disaster planning, and mobile field force, to name a few,

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