Portsmouth Vice Mayor De’andre Barnes Discusses Crime in The City Ahead of City Council’s Special Meeting

Portsmouth Vice Mayor De'andre Barnes Discusses Crime in The City Ahead of City Council's Special Meeting

PORTSMOUTH, Va. – This is where I live. The Portsmouth City Council will meet on Tuesday to talk about what needs to be done about crime in the city. Since 2022, Portsmouth has had a lot of crime.

Seven people have been killed in shootings in the city so far this month. More than a dozen shootings have taken place this month, leaving 17 people injured. “Tomorrow, we’re going to talk about crime, see if we’re using all the resources that were given to us or told to us, and also check on the city manager. Because I think that the city manager can do more, “De’Andre Barnes, Portsmouth’s vice mayor, says this to a reporter from News 3.

Barnes points out that one of the main problems is that non-profit groups don’t get enough money.

A lot of these problems could be solved if all of these groups worked together and put money into their programs. Barnes said that there are about 20 or so groups that could help.

Barnes also took the time to call out Portsmouth Mayor Shannon Glover, who was in the room.

“Our mayor said last week that we were going to do something, but that’s not true. So, it’s time to stop giving the city a false sense of security and start taking care of these problems for real. I don’t know what Mayor Glover called them. We didn’t talk about it. From what I understand, that was a meeting put together by the police department to show him things that he had been invited to see. I think he said we’ll talk about that tomorrow. In fact, we aren’t. People don’t meet for that, “Barnes said this.

Portsmouth city council members say they want to show people how to cut down on crime at their meeting Tuesday.

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