13-Year-Old Dies After Dirt Bike Crash as Police Attempted to Pull Him Over

A 13-year-old kid died on Sunday after losing control of his motocross bike during a traffic check.

The kid was recognized by family members as Stanley Davis Jr., according to NBC station WPTV.

The Boynton Beach Police claimed in a statement that Davis was reportedly “driving recklessly” when authorities conducted a traffic stop.

In a security video acquired by WPTV, Davis is seen gassing up his dirtbike at a gas station soon before the incident. As he pulled out, a police SUV could be seen pursuing him.

The boy, who was allegedly wearing a helmet, crashed with a sign in the median. He was pronounced deceased on the spot.

Boynton Beach Police Chief Michael G. Gregory said law enforcement will undertake “a series of comprehensive and detailed examinations into the facts of what occurred.” Officers implicated will be placed on administrative leave until the result of the inquiry.

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“That was my grandchild, my only grandson,” said Davis’ grandmother Tina Hunter, according to WPTV. “They chased him, chased him. He merely panicked because he’s a child. Chased him straight to his stupid grave and assumed he’s just another Black boy as well as ain’t nothing is going to be finished. That’s the prejudice of the Boynton Beach police that we’ve been having difficulties for all these awful years.”

“There’s nothing to make that painless,” Gregory stated during a Sunday press conference. “What we aim to do is do the best we can doing a comprehensive investigation to get to the bottom of the facts but also circumstances that led to it.”

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