Ben Affleck’s ‘Trapped’ Comment About Marriage To Jennifer Garner Leaves Fans Divided

Ben Affleck’s ‘Trapped’ Comment About Marriage To Jennifer Garner Leaves Fans Divided

Ben Affleck’s recent comments regarding his marriage to Jennifer Garner and his struggles with alcoholism have sparked outrage among fans.

On Tuesday (December 14th), Affleck told radio host Howard Stern that he felt “trapped” in his marriage to Garner and that it was “part of why” he began drinking.

Affleck said, “We had a marriage that didn’t work.” He also added, “This happens all the time. I really love and respect her, but we shouldn’t be married anymore.” That’s why he drank a bottle of scotch and passed out on the couch. It was wrong.

Affleck emphasized that he and Garner made the right decision by divorcing, saying that they would “probably be at each other’s throats” if they hadn’t divorced. “I’m very sure I’d still be drinking.”

After he and Garner separated in 2018, the two-time Oscar winner entered into rehab for alcoholism. In 2004, Affleck and Garner confirmed their relationship, and in 2005, they married. They have three children together after that.

The reactions to Affleck’s recent statements on Twitter were mixed.

One person wrote, “Oh, really wonderful.” “Throw your ex-partner under the bus… his problems are drink and drugs.”

Another individual tweeted their condolences for Garner, saying, “sorry, Jennifer G has to read/hear this…”

Another commenter, though, noted that “everyone who’s ever been in a miserable marriage” may identify with Affleck’s “stuck” feeling.

“It’s not about his ex-wife, whom he speaks fondly of all the time,” they stated.

Another person responded to Affleck’s criticism by tweeting, “It was cordial.” They were both dissatisfied. “Slow down.”

Jennifer Lopez, Affleck’s ex-fiancee, is currently seeing him. The actor spoke on The Howard Stern Show to promote his next picture, The Tender Bar, which will hit theaters on December 17th.

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