‘Appalling’ Race Rant Woman Who Abused Doorman To Spend Christmas in Prison

‘Appalling’ Race Rant Woman Who Abused Doorman To Spend Christmas in Prison

After being sentenced to 14 weeks in prison for the “appalling” attack, a woman captured on tape racially abusing and spitting at a pub doorman is likely to spend Christmas behind bars.

Sharna Walker, who went popular on social media following the incident in Birmingham’s Broad Street recreation zone in May, was told at a previous court hearing that she would face an automatic prison sentence if she admitted to racially aggravated common assault.

After being asked to leave the Figure of Eight Wetherspoons location during the same incident, the 25-year-old acknowledged criminal damage after kicking through an exit door and destroying the glass panel.

Following her detention two days after yelling at doorman Tristan Price outside the pub on May 22, she had already been barred from one of Birmingham’s hottest nightlife hotspots.

“Disgraceful” Walker, of Woodhouse Close, Worcester, was sentenced to immediate termination of jail at Birmingham Magistrates Court on Monday, according to West Midlands Police.

She was also forced to pay Mr. Price £500 in damages and was banned from the bar for two years unless Wetherspoons opted to grant her early permission to return. Walker, who used racist words at least ten times during her rant, was sentenced to prison, which was applauded by police.

“This was a horrible occurrence, and people were rightly outraged by her behavior,” West Midlands Police Chief Inspector James Spencer said after the sentence. “Our city center police teams have been working hard to make the city a safe and enjoyable place to visit by cooperating with local businesses and the community.”

Racist behavior is unacceptably offensive.

“Crimes of this sort will be thoroughly investigated, and perpetrators may expect to be penalized.

“We applaud this sentence as it sends a strong message to people going into Birmingham city center,” Mike Olley, general manager of Westside BID, which represents companies and helps to oversee security on Birmingham’s so-called ‘golden mile,’ said after the court.

“To summarize, racial abuse and violence will never be tolerated on the Westside, and we will always cooperate together with law enforcement to apprehend any perpetrators.”

“This was not a casual comment, which would have been heinous in and of itself.

“This was a persistent verbal and physical assault on a peacefully performing doorman.” “This is the appropriate amount of punishment, and it should make everyone think twice before inflicting unjustified verbal and physical abuse.”

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