Three Found Dead Inside Renton Home

RENTON, Wash. — Detectives are investigating after they found three people dead inside a house in Renton. According to the police, they found three bodies. The first one was on the first floor. The other two were in different parts of the house.

The owner of the house called the police. He found two people in his living room who were not awake. When police arrived, they found two people who were already dead. Then they found another person who was also dead on the second floor.

When the details about how the victims died are not known, this indicates that they died in an unknown way. The King County Medical Examiner’s Office will figure out the cause and manner of death of the three people next week.

The police want you to call if you know anything about this case. The number is 425-430-7500, and it is a case called 21-12197.

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