Lehigh Valley Agencies Awarded $564K in Crime-Fighting Grants

Lehigh Valley Agencies Awarded $564K in Crime-Fighting Grants

Half a million dollars will go to the Lehigh Valley for violence prevention, law enforcement assistance, and children’s help. The Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency gave money to two counties in Pennsylvania. They gave $564,231 to Lehigh and Northampton counties. More than $29 million was awarded across the state.

Senator Lisa Boscola said that these funds would be used in the Lehigh Valley to address important issues like violence prevention. These will help local governments with law enforcement and other things like advocacy for children. This is to make our communities safer and better places to live.

Another $46,883 will go to Lehigh Valley Health Network. This money will go to their Children’s Advocacy Center services and make it a better place.

The remaining funding was given to local police departments. The Federal Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program provided the funding.

The Borough of Wilson will have to give 24,440 dollars to the state for equipment that they will use when responding to violent crimes. The equipment is going to be used for ballistic helmets and shields. They want this so that officers and civilians are safer.

The police department in Wilson Borough secured a grant to buy safety equipment. My office is always available to help you apply for grants that will give your town important things, like safety equipment.

The township will receive $57,908 to hire someone new. The person can help with accreditation activities like getting the police department approved by the state. They will focus on making sure that the police department has good, strong policies and procedures in place.

The Whitehall Township Police Department will get $60,000 from the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association to complete the accreditation process. This project is about making rules for the department. If people know what they are allowed to do, then they will know what is expected. We want to figure out how to adapt existing operations, including new procedures and operations if necessary, in order to meet these standards. Finally, we want to evaluate the agency’s practices and procedures to make sure that they are following these standards. This will also help with reducing risks from lawsuits, which will lower our insurance costs.

She said that the PCCD (Public Safety and Criminal Justice) had made today’s funding announcement. She is pleased that they are prioritizing Salisbury and Whitehall townships. The money will help with evaluating current procedures, operating objectives and raising the level of police professionalism.

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