Three US Servicemen Will Receive The Medal of Honor from President Joe Biden

Three US Servicemen Will Receive The Medal of Honor from President Joe Biden

President Joe Biden will give medals to three U.S. soldiers next week who fought in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The White House said that on Friday.

The soldiers who died were: Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Celiz, an Army Ranger who died last year after stepping in front of the Taliban and a U.S. helicopter; Master Sgt. Earl Plumlee, a Special Forces soldier who fought off Taliban insurgents last year after they attacked Afghanistan; and Sgt. 1st Class Alwyn Cashe, 35, who suffered fatal injuries in Iraq 11 years ago while rescuing other soldiers from a burning vehicle.

Three people will be honored at a ceremony on Dec. 16 at the White House.

The White House says that Cashe will be the first Black U.S. service member to receive the Medal of Honor in a long time, since Vietnam.
He was in Iraq in October 2005 when his military vehicle was hit with a small arms fire and a bomb. He pulled six people out of the burning wreckage. He got burned himself.

Cashe, who is from Oviedo, Florida, died in a hospital in Texas after he had gotten burned. Three soldiers were burned too and died.
Celiz led an operation to take away the enemies in Paktia Province, Afghanistan. But then they came and attacked them, and Celiz had to fight back.

A medical helicopter was called to help with a sick person. When it got there, the people shooting at the helicopter kept firing.

Celiz was brave. His people were fighting bad guys, but he was brave enough to take the helicopter back to safety. He shot at the bad guys and shielded the helicopter.

As the helicopter flew away, Celiz was hit by an enemy bullet. He told the helicopter to leave because he was injured, and it would be more dangerous if they tried to get him out of there.

Celiz came from South Carolina and had enlisted in the Army in 2006.

Plumlee was in Afghanistan when it came under attack. There was a big hole in the wall so that people could get inside.

Ten people wearing army uniforms with suicide vests came through the hole. Five people from the military got into two cars and went to where it happened.

He killed two people with weapons. One was an insurgent who was killed with a grenade. The other person, the insurgent, had explosives on his body. He also killed more insurgents by shooting them with guns at close range.

At one point in the battle, an insurgent with a suicide vest blew himself up. He killed a U.S. soldier and wounded many more people.

This person is with the 1st Special Forces Group at Fort Lewis, Washington.

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