Woman Charged with Death of Nashville Man in Wreck in Wilson

Woman Charged with Death of Nashville Man in Wreck in Wilson

An older man was in a car wreck in Nashville. He died. One of the other cars was not charged with anything because it did not do anything wrong.

Police said that Cranston Davids, 73, died at Wilson Medical Center due to his injuries. He was hurt in an accident on Jan. 10. Adelle Kroll, 53, will be in court next week for the criminal case against her.

A crash report said that a wreck happened on Nov. 7 at 11:08 a.m. The accident was close to the Best Buy store in Wilson, North Carolina.

Kroll drove her Honda car on Raleigh Road Parkway, but she didn’t stop at the red light.

What happened was that David was driving on Airport Road. A 2017 Nissan pickup truck crashed into him.

The vehicle David was driving crashed into a car driven by Cyrenea Cotton.

The Cotton was to the right and nearly alongside the Nissan that Davids was driving.

Kroll was driving the speed limit, which is 45 mph. Davids and Cotton were each driving 25 mph.

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The Honda Kroll hit the Nissan Davids. The Honda Kroll went 39 yards after the crash, and the Nissan Davids went nine yards.

A camera in the City of Wilson recorded the crash. A report said this.

In the report, David was accompanied by his wife, Brenda, who is 70 years old. Kroll had 5 passengers aboard, and their ages were 14, 13, 11, 10, and 5 years old. Cotton had a passenger aboard that was ten years old.

The report said that Brenda Davids and Kroll were taken to Wilson Medical Center for treatment. They were both in the car when it crashed.

If someone dies when you drive, they can put you in jail. This is true even if it was not your fault. If the person who died was not driving, the driver would go to jail for a long time.

And state law specifies that the violation has to be the reason why someone died.

According to records from the state, Kroll is free on a $10,000 bail, and Buddy Bennett is her lawyer.

In North Carolina, an unsecured bond means that if someone is accused of doing something wrong, they will not have to pay the amount of the bond to avoid being jailed. However, if the accused person does not show up to court for a hearing, the court can order that they must pay back what they owe on their bond.

Kroll had listed an address in the 200 block of New Chestnut Drive. It is a road in a rural area between Oxford and Roxboro.

Cranston Davids had listed an address in the 300 block of Aubrey Court in Nashville. The report said that cotton had listed an address in the 5000 block of Country Club Drive North Wilson.

The report said that the Nissan, which was registered to Davids, sustained $10,000 in damages.

The Honda Kroll was registered to Ryan Sleger, and it sustained $6,500 in damages.

The report also said the Volkswagen, which was registered to Cotton, sustained $6,000 in damages.

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