US Never Intended to Send Combat Troops to Ukraine, Says Biden

US Never Intended to Send Combat Troops to Ukraine, Says Biden

President Joe Biden said that the US never planned to send Combat troops to Ukraine, but the US has warned Russian President Putin that there will be consequences in case of aggression.

“They never were on the table,” Biden addressed reporters on Saturday (Dec 11) when he was asked why the US had decided to abandon plans of sending combat troops to Ukraine.

Sputnik reported the US president as saying that if Russia decides to attack Ukraine, the US will boost American troop presence in NATO countries, and Moscow will “Pay a Terrible Price” in terms of its world image and economy. In case Russia decides to attack Ukraine, the US is going to send more troops from NATO countries, and America will say bad things about Russia so it can hurt its world image and hurt its economy.”

“President Putin has been told that if he moves on Ukraine, the US will make his economy suffer. We will send more troops to eastern Ukraine and this will change how other countries see Russia.”

Russia is not planning to attack Ukraine. Russia told the TV channel that the country does not want to fight with Ukraine. Russia also said that Turkey sold robots to Ukraine. These robots are used in fighting in Donbas.

President Putin of Russia talked on the phone with our president, Mr. Biden, on Tuesday (Dec 7). They talked about Russian troops moving near Ukraine’s borders.

In the past few weeks, Kiev and some Western countries have accused Moscow of getting ready to attack Ukraine. Moscow, for its part, has repeatedly rejected the accusations. They say that those countries want to use those accusations as an excuse to deploy NATO military equipment near the Russian border.

ON SATURDAY, the US State Department said that Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs, Karen Donfried, will go to Moscow and Kiev. Then she will meet with representatives from the EU in Brussels about resolving the situation in Ukraine.

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