Report: Crime had $27B Price Tag For Coloradans Last Year

Report Crime had $27B Price Tag For Coloradans Last Year

(CSU World Record) – Last year, Colorado spent $27 billion to deal with crime. This is a lot of money.

Researchers at the Common Sense Institute (CSI) looked at data from an FBI report and a database funded by the Colorado Auto Theft Prevention Authority. They compared crime rates in both reports.

This means that we need to measure what is happening in the criminal system and how it can be fixed. Policymakers must know what is happening and where they need to fix their problems, so they can do this as quickly as possible.

More than $8.5 billion came from tangible costs such as property damage and physical injury. Intangible costs, like victim suffering and emotional distress, made up the remaining $19 billion in damages, according to the report.

In the last 10 years, crime rates have increased by 28%. Crime is going up because, in November 2019, it went up by 15% compared to November 2020.

The report also said that there were increases in motor vehicle thefts and retail crime. They accounted for between $1.2 to $1.6 billion in damages. The report said that auto thefts have risen by 135% since 2010, which is good enough to rank Colorado as one of the ten worst states for these crimes.

In this report, the number of car thefts that were reported increased by 3%. In comparison to other reports, that’s not a lot.

A think tank says two things are happening that contribute to the increase in crime. One is that people who would have gone to jail before are now not going there. Second, punishments for crimes are weaker.

There were a lot of people with COVID-19 during the pandemic. So lawmakers passed some bills so that prisons and jails could clear out to stop more from getting it. This let many low-level offenders serve their sentence in a different place than prison or jail.

The authors want to give readers ideas about how they can solve this problem. They know it is an economic problem, but they hope their analysis will help people figure out ways to fix it.

The report says that every crime is personal. You never fully recover from being victimized. Behind each statistic of violent crime, theft of valued possessions, or any violation of your right to live a safe life is a person and their family and friends. These people are all damaged by criminal acts.

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