UK Strengthens Policing Cooperation with Malta

UK Strengthens Policing Cooperation with Malta

The UK and Malta have agreed to work together to fight crime. This will make both countries safer.

The new agreement will make it so that people can learn how to do things better. The two countries will help each other. This will help the police to fight crime better.

Today, the UK-Malta Partnership was signed by Minister for Crime and Policing Kit Malthouse and Minister for Home Affairs Byron Camilleri.

Mr. Malthouse, the Minister for Crime and Policing, said:

  • Some people who do not follow the law come to our country. They are a big problem. We need to work with other countries on this problem.
  • The Government is committed to reducing crime, so they made an agreement with Malta. This will help the Malta police force and the British police force.

In Malta, the Minister for Home Affairs, National Security and Law Enforcement said that:

  • The Maltese Government is giving the Malta Police Force help with their transformation strategy. The Government will provide all the support needed and make sure that everything is going well. These changes are good for everyone because people will trust the police more, and there will be a better use of technology and information. That means that people in the community should have a better relationship with the police too.
  • In relation to Malta and UK working more closely together, I look forward to the opportunities. The police from Malta will work with UK police, and they can learn from each other.

Malta and the UK have shared a long tradition of cooperation to fight crime. They work together on drugs, illegal migration, cyber-crimes, and financial crimes.

This partnership can help the UK teach people in Malta. We are the best at teaching police officers and giving them new skills. This will also help police officers in both countries to build better communities by coming up with new strategies for crime prevention.

The partnership was created after a formal agreement, or “memorandum of understanding,” was signed.

  • Facilitate more cooperation between the UK National Police Chiefs Council and Malta Police Force.
  • To help Malta Police Force with its 2020-2025 transformation strategy, the UK police will work together with them.
  • The College of Policing is a place where people learn about police work. The Malta Police Force can link with the College of Policing for their training and professional standards.

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