Biden Sells Infrastructure Law in Minnesota

Biden Sells Infrastructure Law in Minnesota

(CSU)Yesterday, President Joe Biden went on a trip to Minnesota. He talked about his new bipartisan infrastructure law. Now people are wondering how the law will be put into practice. The President went to a two-year college in Rosemount, Minnesota. He wanted to talk about his law that will create jobs when people don’t need four-year degrees. Joe Biden talked about how the infrastructure law will create jobs, deliver tangible results for communities and make America more competitive in the 21st century.

He talked about how the law would help with lead pipe replacements. The law would also help improve broadband access and the state’s roads and bridges. This law has many investments in our roads and bridges. The large investment is for the first time in almost 70 years. Many of the 661 bridges, over 5,000 miles of roads are in poor condition here in Minnesota. This costs drivers more money because they will need to spend more on gas and repairs, and it will take them longer to get places.

Biden also talked about the collapse of the I-35 bridge in Minnesota in 2007. 13 people died, and 145 were injured. We know that we have some problems with our infrastructure. We’ve known about this for a long time, and now we’re finally doing something about it, no more talking! It is time to act.

Minnesota will receive $4.5 billion for federal-aid highways and $302 million for bridges from the infrastructure law. The state will also receive $818 million to improve public transportation options and $680 million to improve water infrastructure, the White House says. Minnesota can expect to see $100 million for high-speed internet and $68 million for electric charging stations.

Biden said that the new Omicron Covid-19 is a concern but not a reason to panic. “Here is what this is all about, rebuilding America,” Biden said. “We’re doing that while we still battle a pandemic.” We will keep fighting with everything we have and with the original virus and the Delta variant. And we will also continue to grow economically like we always do.

The official from the state of Minnesota spoke in front of people to promote the new law about infrastructure. Biden, the Vice President, will go around the country to tell people about what is in the law. He will tell them how it helps Americans. An official from the White House said that they would spend time on the nationwide tour to show how President Obama and other top officials will “hit the ground running” to make sure investments are delivered on time, as well as on budget.

The tour will show that the Biden-Harris Administration will work with people from different companies and governments to get things done. The President and Democrats in Congress want Americans to see benefits from the new law. This is so they will get more votes in the election next year. The former New Orleans mayor has been put in charge of making sure people can find the benefits from the law. He is there to help with this heavy lift of implementing it.

The infrastructure law is getting started. The President and the Democrats want to pass the second part of Biden’s domestic agenda: a large-scale economic and climate spending package. After months of negotiations, the House agreed to a bill with Democrats for $1.9 trillion dollars. The bill has programs that help people who need social benefits. There is universal pre-K, child care, and more in the bill.

The new law’s path in the Senate is uncertain. More changes are expected before it becomes a law.

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