SPD Investigating Shooting at Family Gathering That Injured 3

SPD Investigating Shooting at Family Gathering That Injured 3 (1)

SHREVEPORT, La. (CSU World Record) – Three people were hurt when someone was shot in Cargill Park. Lots of families live in this neighborhood.

Police were called to a house at 2000 Silver Pine Lane. The police department was called just before 7 p.m. on Sunday night. Two cousins had been arguing, and one cousin was pushed out of the house by the other. The one who left then came back with a gun and began shooting randomly at people, including two children who were also in the house at the time. The man shot his way out of the residence, but he continued shooting as he left even though there were no more people inside to shoot at.

Three people were shot. One is a woman who is related to the suspected shooter. The other two are men. All three got hurt, but not very badly.

The police are still looking for the suspect. He left the house in an unknown vehicle and is described as a black man who is 18 years old.

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