2 Found Dead in Pond, GBI investigates

2 Found Dead in Pond, GBI investigates (1)

SCREVEN COUNTY, Ga. (CSU) — An investigation is happening after a vehicle was found in a pond. Two people were inside the car. On November 23, the Screven County Sheriff’s Office received a call about a suspicious vehicle on Whitehill Road.

Two people were found in a pond on the property. They are Amanda Marie Atkins, who is 41 years old, and Todd Wilson Lee, who is 60 years old. Both of them live in the state of Georgia.

Investigators from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, The Screven County Sheriff’s Office, and the Screven County Coroner’s Office are continuing to investigate.

If you have any Detail about a crime, call the Screven County Sheriff’s Office. Their number is 912-564-2013.

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