One Dead in Shooting at Toledo Apartment Complex

One Dead in Shooting at Toledo Apartment Complex (1)

TOLEDO, Ohio (CSU) – One man died after a shooting at the Canyon Cove Apartments near Walnut Road in Toledo. It happened on Sunday night.

Police were called to 5900 Walnut Circle Drive at 8:30 pm on Sunday and found Javonti McCray, 19. A person who was shot went to the hospital, but they died there. Investigators think the man who died lived in the apartments.

The police don’t know who shot the person. They are looking for clues at both the front and back of the apartment complex. TPD says that McCray’s death was a murder. This year, 61 people in Toledo were murdered. That is the same number as 2017.

This is a story that will continue to develop as new information comes out. We will update it as we learn more.

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