Four People Dead After Shooting at Trailer Park in Tucson

Four People Dead After Shooting at Trailer Park in Tucson (1)

Four people died in the shooting this morning. It was at a trailer park in Tucson, Arizona. Police responded to a report of shots being fired in the Plaza del Sol trailer park. The police arrived and found out about it.

At 12:45 am, officers went to a residential park and saw a man who was unresponsive. They gave him help, but he died.

After they found the home where the shooting was happening, police found more people who were shot. One person died when they arrived, and another died in the hospital.

Police came to a trailer and talked to the owner. Some people were there, and they talked with the owner. The people talked for a while, and then there were sounds like shots fired. There was an injury but not life-threatening.

The police did not give out more information about the shooter. The investigation is still going on, but they said that. Police asked people to call 911 or 88-CRIME if they had any information about the shooting. Callers will remain anonymous, police said.

There have been 88 people killed in Tucson so far this year. That is a 60% increase from last year. Last year, there were 55 people killed by homicide at this time.

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