Police Shoot Dead Indigenous Man in Sydney

Police Shoot Dead Indigenous Man in Sydney (1)

A man who was armed with a knife and an axe, which are weapons, was shot dead by police outside of a home in Sydney. This happened on the same day that another Aboriginal person died in custody.

On Tuesday morning, crime-fighting police went to a home in Seven Hills. When they got there, the person who lived there had weapons, and a fight happened. The police shot him, and he died.

Four officers were at the house. They heard shots inside the home. But the woman did not know how many times the man was shot or who shot him. Officers fired a number of shots. Unfortunately, the man collapsed.

They conducted CPR until ambulance paramedics arrived, but the man could not be revived. “I think the man was the only person inside the house at that time,” she said. “That will be part of a critical incident investigation.”

Police have found a crime scene, and they are now investigating. The Law Enforcement Conduct Commission and the New South Wales 

Police Professional Standards Command are monitoring a review. A man died in custody on Sunday. Corrective Services NSW confirmed it. This person was 26 years old, and they were found dead in prison.

The police and corrective services are trying to find out what happenedA man was killed in custody on Tuesday. Mr. Shoebridge spoke to the family. He told them that there are many more deaths in custody than most people know about, and this is a national crisis.

This is the second death in custody for Aboriginal people. It hurts people’s hearts and makes them feel bad. The story does not end.

Politicians who could create change are not doing anything to help stop killing. They are being mean, so it’s hard for them to keep the killings from happening.

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