Mayim Bialik Reveals Dramatic Transformation on TikTok and ‘Big Bang Theory’ Fans Are Stunned

Mayim Bialik Reveals Dramatic Transformation on TikTok and 'Big Bang Theory' Fans Are Stunned

Amy Farrah Fowler, on the TV show, The Big Bang Theory, might not have been a huge fan of Star Trek. But Mayim Bialik, who plays Amy, is a big fan of Star Trek. This makes her happy because she likes to dress up as characters from the show.

A few years ago, the Jeopardy! TV host dressed up as some Star Trek characters. These included Spock (Leonard Nimoy), Captain Kirk (William Shatner), Data (Brent Spiner), and Janice Rand (Grace Lee Whitney). They did this for the 50th year of Star Trek.

In an interview, Mayim talked about how she watched Star Trek as a kid. One scene from Star Trek II disturbed her. In the movie, someone puts slug-like creatures into one person’s ears.

I went to see the movie called “The Wrath of Khan.” I was very young. A scene in the movie scared me so much; I had to call my parents.

When Mayim shared an old video of her interview and her Data costume ahead of Halloween weekend, she captioned her post with “Still haunts me today.” 😬.”

@mayimbialik Still haunts me to this day 😬 #startrek #halloween ♬ original sound – Ian Asher

Despite Mayim being in a scary movie, her fans still admire her. They said that she had a good costume and makeup. One person called her Sheldon’s favorite Star Trek character.

It turns out Mayim wasn’t the only one who is scared of this scene in Star Trek. One person said, “I will never be able to forget it. It is forever seared into my mind.” Another person was also scared because they saw it on TV when they were younger and thought that things would crawl into their ears while they slept.

It is a creepy movie scene. But we still believe that Sheldon would like it.

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