‘Dynasty’ Season 5: It’s Time for Steven Carrington to Return


Since the beginning, the Carrington family has grown. They found that they had new siblings in Atlanta, which left Fallon and Blake to figure out what to do. However, along the way, the show lost one of the original Carringtons: Steven (James Mackay). With Dynasty season 5 coming up, it is time to bring back Steven Carrington.

The last time we saw Steven was when his brother Adam posed as him, tricking him and making it so that Steven thought he was crazy. He convinced Steven to believe that he had no friends. Then his friends came, and they couldn’t find him. Steven was not feeling well, and he went to a hospital for people who were mentally ill. Adam appeared to him and left him alone there. Steven did a lot of good things on the show, but he did not do them during season 2.

The Potential for Growing Relationships

The newest member of the Carrington family, Amanda (Eliza Bennett), is going to be staying full-time next season. She will argue with her brother, Adam. We are so excited because the show is really focusing on family now. The Carrington brothers and sisters are so connected now with all of them on the show.

Fallon, Adam, and Amanda are all tied together. Steven would be good for them because he is a mediator, and none of his other siblings can get along for more than two or three minutes. Fallon and Steven’s relationship was one highlight of the first season of the show. They had a good relationship. They brought out different sides of the characters. Steven’s disappearance has been very hard for everyone. But he could still be happy with some of his other siblings, like Adam and Amanda. He needs to work things out with Adam because of what he did to him; Amanda and ____ are very similar in some ways. But they might do the right thing in different ways. They are both part of the LGBTQ+ community, which would be a fun connection to explore.

Kirby is a friend of Steven’s. He never had a chance to meet her after his dad was found. Kirby is also missing family now that her dad died. She has no job, and she has nowhere to live on the show.

Kirby’s friendship with Sam is the best she has now, but Steven’s return might create a chance for her to find a new relationship. This could be better than her relationships with other siblings on the show. Kirby needs a brother who is not only concerned with wealth and status. Steven needs a sister like Amanda because she isn’t going to stampede him at every turn. She might be the better choice for Kirby, but Fallon is too demanding of Steven’s moral code.

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Steven and Sam’s marriage ended, but they did not have a good ending. They did not get to say goodbye or resolve their issues. However, Sam has been with other people who did not make her feel the same way as Steven did. This is sad because Steven was important to Sam, and she misses him a lot. But now she is a different person, and that is good because it makes her stronger. Sam had a love life that was not going well. He then found a connection with someone else, and he did not have this relationship for a long time. It seems like it is time to revisit his connection with this person, but we do not know if the other person would be interested in a new relationship.

His Absence

Steven is a member of the Carrington family, but he has been missing for a long time. Steven’s exit from the show should have been dealt with better. The family heard nothing about him after his departure. He missed many events, and nobody even thought about him. At this point, it is like a bad joke. The show is about this family, and yet Steven has been gone for so long. It’s hard to believe that he has been missing for so long when the show is about a family with him in it.

Plus, Adam is taking Steven’s place in the family. Adam has never been punished for what he did to his brother. If people knew about it, there would be a huge fight between them all. Steven’s story is a big part of the book. It is important for Adam to tell his family Steven’s story. Otherwise, how can we believe that this family can get through anything they are faced with?

Recently, the writers of Dynasty decided to get rid of Steven, who is the only gay person in the Carrington family. I’m not happy with how they did it because he was just introduced, and then they were just done with him. All of his relationships are left hanging, and fans are supposed to forget that he existed? That is really disappointing. Steven could have left the show in a way that would not make everything feel wrong without him. This might have given closure to any of his relationships. Instead, the opposite was done.

It’s time to talk about the big white animal in this room. It is time for Steven to come back and be on Dynasty Season 5.

There are four seasons of Dynasty on Netflix.

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