‘Tat Granny,’ Who Went Viral on Tiktok, Finally Gets the First Tattoo at Age 82

COLUMBIA CITY, Ind. (CSU World Record) –If you use TikTok, you might have seen a video of Tat Granny.

Earlier this month, a woman from Columbia City, Indiana, who is 82 years old, said something that many people might not expect. Dede told her granddaughter that she wanted to get a tattoo. She said it would be so good; the girls won’t believe it.

Dede’s granddaughter, Brandy O’Reilly, said she was surprised by the request.

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“When she told me that she Want to get this tattoo, I was very surprised,” said O’Reilly. “I thought it might be too hard for her, so I asked her to repeat what she said. She did, and I had to say it again because I couldn’t believe it.”

Dede blew her granddaughter away and blew up the internet. Her video has got more than 3.5 million views on TikTok.

Dede said, “I didn’t dream it.” Then the next thing Dede knew, O’Reilly told Dede that they had a message from someone in South America. 

Dede got a tattoo because she read an article about a woman who got one as her 80th birthday present.

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Dede said, “Well, I told my family about it before. Now we are all going to get tattoos.”


O’Reilly shared another video on her TikTok. This time, she showed Dede in the tattoo chair, getting her design inked into her arm.

@brandyoreilly#october30th #everyonelovesgranny #makegrannyfamous #tatgranny #FYP #bucketlist #FortWayne

♬ original sound – Brandy O’Reilly

The plan is for Dede, her daughter, and her granddaughter to get tattoos also. Granddaughter-in-law, her 2 grandsons, and both of their wives get tattoos on Saturday. They are all getting the same design: A music note with a fishing hook look along with a cancer ribbon.

I lost my dad in July. We had a lot of music in the family. My son plays drums, and my other son was in the show choir. Music has always been important to us. I have played music too.

Dede said that the fact that this is becoming a family affair means a lot to her because she loves her family.

Dede said, “I don’t think I can even explain how I feel about that. It’s just … I’m going to cry.” Dede feels very sad about this. She tries to live each day as best she can, but you never know what will happen in the future, so it is hard for her sometimes.

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