Tiktok in Disbelief Over Massive, ‘world-record’ Spider

Tiktok in Disbelief Over Massive, 'world-record' Spider

People with a fear of spiders look away. This story may be scary.

A global pandemic may have forced people worldwide to bunker down inside their homes, but now a viral video of a giant spider now has them terrified of what could be lurking inside the house.

A user named noobmanbanton posted a video on TikTok of an arachnid that was bigger than usual. This video is from Tobago, which is in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

A woman can be heard in the video. She says, “You have to go back out of the window, or you’ll be trapped inside.”

The user doesn’t know what type of spider became his roommate overnight. Someone on TikTok suggested it could be a Psalmopoeus cambridgei, the Trinidad chevron tarantula.

It is common to come out of the rainy season. Yes, it does get bigger than that.

“You’re welcome,” they said at the end of their comment.

TikTok users horrified over a spider

The video has been watched over 323,000 times. Most people say that they would leave their homes if they saw the unwanted visitor.

Some TikTok users suggested the age-old solution of burning down the house. Other people found it difficult to get over how big the spider was.

Just leave forever, burn the house to the ground, then move to Antarctica,” someone wrote. “Creatures like that can’t survive there.”

“That’s not a spider. That’s a person,” someone wrote, horrified.

“No,” a person said. “It’s a devil.” The other people in the room told him to call a priest and minister.

Another person said, “throw the whole island away.”

“I am leaving Earth and going to Mars,” someone else on TikTok said.

Some people said it was the biggest spider they’d seen. Others suggested it might be the biggest in the world.

One person said that “Nah, that’s got to be a world record.”

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