$1,400 push: Will Social Security Recipients get a 4th Stimulus Check?

$1,400 push Will Social Security Recipients get a 4th Stimulus Check

The general public will not get a fourth stimulus check. But an influential, non-partisan group that lobbies on behalf of senior citizens is asking Congress to send a $1,400 check to Social Security recipients so they can battle inflation.

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Senior Citizens League sends a letter to Congress. They want them to consider a targeted stimulus for senior citizens.

Seniors wrote to us and said that some had spent their savings and now eat only one meal a day. They also took other drastic steps like cutting pills in half because they couldn’t afford medication. Many seniors felt that the government had forgotten about them.

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In 2022, Social Security checks will have a big cost-of-living adjustment. But the Senior Citizens League says that this will not be enough. They say that some people will move into higher tax brackets because of the adjustment.
This would also mean that the person’s Medicare Part B premiums would increase.

$1,400 push Will Social Security Recipients get a 4th Stimulus Check

A special stimulus for Social Security recipients could offset the cost of health care and paying taxes. In 2017, Social Security benefited only increased by 1.3%. Some people who are not old might want the fourth stimulus check. More-than 2.9 million people have signed a petition that asks Congress to help families with $2,000 payments for adults and $1,000 payments for kids. They want these payments to happen right now, and they want them to keep happening until the crisis is over.

The Biden administration has stopped talks about giving people money for the fourth time. Instead, they are focusing on the Child Tax Credit and The American Rescue Plan.

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