Netflix Projects’ Squid Game’ Will Generate $891 Million in Value, According to Leaked Data

Squid Game

Netflix’s biggest TV show is called “Squid Game.” It is a Korean drama, and it has become Netflix’s best TV show ever. But the company doesn’t know how much money this will make them because they will not know until the show ends.

Netflix paid $21.4 million for the series “Squid Game.” The show has only been on for four weeks, but Netflix estimates that it will make around $891 million in impact value. This is a measure of the show’s economic contribution to Netflix based on subscriber viewing.

Netflix did not answer right away when asked if they wanted to comment. Bloomberg’s reporter said he got a letter from Netflix saying it was “inappropriate” to publish the data in the documents that he had sent them, but he published it anyway.

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On Friday, Netflix fired an employee who shared information that they found inside the company. The info was for “Squid Game” and Dave Chappelle’s stand-up special “The Closer.” The information cost $24.1 million. People are upset about the Chappelle Show because he said a bad word. Some people are planning a walkout on October 20th. A Netflix employee leaked data about the company. They were probably trying to make Netflix look bad. The data they leaked was about how much Netflix paid for their top-performing show, “The Closer,” and less for “Squid Game.” This may have been because they wanted to get fired so that no one would know who did it.

Squid Game

Since the show Squid Game came out 23 days ago, 132 million Netflix households streamed at least two minutes. About 89% watched more than 75 minutes of the show. That is 87 million people. People streamed 1.4 billion hours of “Squid Game” on Netflix during that period of time. The measurements are not verified by a third party, but they seem accurate to me.

In “Squid Game,” people who are very poor and owe money compete in a game. The game is about children’s games. They are trying to win $38.5 million dollars in prize money so they can pay their debts.
The creator of “Squid Game,” Hwang Dong-hyuk, said that he wanted to show the growing wealth gap in today’s society. He also wanted to show something like the competition of life.

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