Florida Governor Ron De Santis and President Joe Biden Are Fighting Over the Covid-19

Florida Governor Ron De Santis and President Joe Biden Are Fighting Over the Covid-19

Earlier this week, President Joe Biden announced a vaccine mandate. The rule includes all federal employees and anyone working at a company that takes federal funding. But Florida Governor Ron DeSantis isn’t happy with the idea. He thinks it’s unfair for people to get vaccines if they don’t want them, so he said no to the plan. This started an argument between the two politicians, and soon everyone was talking about it on TV or reading about it online.

There are two options. The companies can either give their employees vaccines for the COVID-19 virus every week or make it so that their employees stay away from people who could be sick with the COVID-19 virus. These options are not good because they would mean that if someone is sick with the COVID-19 virus, then all but one person in the company might get it.

“I want to tell people who don’t get vaccines: You should listen to other people who do and me. The vaccine is easy and safe, and there is a lot of it. It’s even free. And we have been patient, but we are getting tired of waiting for you. So please, do the right thing by getting vaccinated without taking too much time from me or anyone else in this country who does get their shots.”

Governor DeSantis said, “Vaccines are available for anyone who wants them. No one will be forced to have a vaccine.” Governor DeSantis promised that he would fight back against the President’s plan to get more Americans vaccinated. He came to the defense of people who did not want a vaccine.

“You should not ignore people who have been serving you faithfully. You should also not ignore an issue that is about their health, which is private to them.”

The state of Florida and the City of Miami want to fight the new law. They think it is against Florida law and creates ways for people who do not want to be vaccinated but still want their jobs.

There are a lot of people in the U.S. who have to get vaccines. There are about 100 million people, and it is a sweeping mandate that has not been seen in many years.

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Vaccine Mandates: A History of USA

When I was born, some people wanted to make sure that I didn’t get smallpox. They did this by giving me vaccines. A long time ago, in Massachusetts in 1802, they became the first state to encourage vaccination. Years later, in the 1840s, they became the first state to mandate taking vaccinations before going to school.”

In 1900, states that required school vaccine requirements outnumbered those without. In 1905, a court case heard by the Supreme Court called Jacobson v. Massachusetts found the vaccine mandate constitutional.

And in the 20th century, we only saw more and more mandates for people to get shots for school.

George Washington made sure that the army had vaccinations before going to Winter Quarters during the Revolutionary War.

Whether we like it or not, vaccines have been around in America for a long time. They were here before America even existed.

The battles to come will be hard. Fighting them will take hard work and strength.

You need to understand the meaning of all this information. The first is how likely will the Republicans who are now suing President Trump, including Florida, succeed?

The legal history of vaccine mandates tells us that the lawsuits brought against the President won’t likely succeed.

The other question is how does the Governor plan to stop the virus. It seems like the GOP’s strategy is just to live with it as if this is normal now. But there are cancer patients who have been stuck inside their homes in Florida for a year and a half. One person I know was one of them.

The flu can be life-ending for some kids. The original plan was to reach herd immunity, which is good for those people. What happened to that idea?

We can’t get there without getting 85% of our population vaccinated. At that point, the immunocompromised no longer need to fear COVID. They can return to their normal lives.

Some people don’t want to get the vaccine. They might have to find new jobs. But it will be hard for them in this pandemic because vaccines are now mandatory.

Questions remain about the decision made. People will fight over this for a long time.

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