Ron DeSantis Names Doctor Opposed to Masks and Vaccine Mandates as Florida’s Surgeon General

Desantis Names Doctor Opposed to Masks and Vaccine Mandates as Florida’s Surgeon General

Concern over the pandemic has been labelled “Covid mania” and fruit and vegetables likened to the immunological advantages of vaccination by a medical expert who is opposed to masking and vaccine mandates. He’s been named Florida’s new surgeon general.

Dr Joseph Ladapo has been given the position by Florida’s Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, who has opposed government restrictions on everyday life in order to combat the Covid-19 epidemic and wanted to prevent school funding for schools that have attempted to force pupils to wear masks in order to limit the spread of the disease.

Dr Ladapo is a Harvard-educated physician who previously worked for UCLA as a scientist. He’ll join the University of Florida College of Medicine in Gainesville, along with a new position he accepted with the state government. Lapado Says he would “reject fear” in his approach to the pandemic at a news conference on Tuesday to announce his appointment. “Florida will completely reject fear,” he declared. “Fear is no longer an issue.”

Desantis Names Doctor Opposed to Masks and Vaccine Mandates as Florida’s Surgeon General

Despite the fact that both DeSantis and Ladapo are opposed to masking laws, they have both expressed their refusal to comply. Despite abundant proof that unvaccinated individuals are more than nine times as likely to develop seriously ill or die from Covid, “There is nothing special about them when compared to any other preventative measure,” he stated.

“It’s been called almost a religion, which is ridiculous. We’re in favour of taking steps to improve one’s health. That includes vaccinations, weight loss, exercising more, eating more fruits and vegetables, and everything else.”In April, Ladapo wrote an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal in which he cautioned against placing one ailment above all others, known as “Covid mania.” He has claimed that removing youngsters from school endangers public health and is a signatory to the Barrington Declaration, which claims that “those who are not vulnerable should

To date, Ladapo has not outlined any plans to prevent Covid deaths in Florida, but he is currently discussing recommendations with his new team. “Telling the truth is critical, and I believe that’s something Dr Ladapo understands. You’ve got to tell people the truth and let them make their own choices,” DeSantis.

Since the outbreak began, almost 50,000 people in the state of Florida have died from the virus, with around one in every 400 residents who were alive in March 2020 now dead. Only cancer and heart disease own killed more Floridians during this time, with a recent increase in infections implying that around 1,000 individuals in the state perished over.

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