Trump Says Chuck Grassley Has His’ Complete and Total Endorsement’

Trump Says Chuck Grassley Has His' Complete and Total Endorsement'

President Trump has said that he will give Senator Chuck Grassley his “complete and total” endorsement.

Trump said, “You are the greatest.” Grassley was there. He is young. I’m very happy to say that Senator Chuck Grassley has my complete and total support for reelection. Chuck Grassley said that he endorsed Trump. Grassley appeared on stage beside Trump. He talked for a short time about his endorsement.

Chuck Grassley said, “I was born last night but not the night before.” So if I didn’t accept a person’s endorsement with 91% of Republican voters in Iowa, I would be really not smart. An 88-year-old senator who is a Republican announced that he would be running in the next election. He did not says anything about whether he would run again until September. According to a report from Cook Political Report in July, Senator Grassley’s seat is rated as solidly Republican.

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Grassley is likely to win his seat again because he won by a lot in 2016. Earlier this year, a former congresswoman announced that she would be running for a Senate seat in the state. It had been over ten yrs since a Democrat senator was elected in Iowa. On September 21, a poll found that Finkenauer was 18 points behind Chuck Grassley.

Trump Says Chuck Grassley Has His' Complete and Total Endorsement'

The former president is going to Iowa. A lot of people like him there. The opinion polls say that he has a 53% approval rating, while 45% do not like him. This is better than when he was president, but not as good as before he became president. Trump has been teasing a presidential bid for a long time. He says that his supporters will be happy with what he decides.

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