Tourist Extradited to Florida for Deadly 94 Mph Crash Into Motorcycle

Tourist Extradited to Florida for Deadly 94 Mph Crash Into Motorcycle

A tourist from Florida has been arrested in connection with a fatal motorbike accident in Volusia County.

Police arrested Newport Beach native and landscaper Rodney Williams, Jr. on Wednesday evening for charges connected to the death of Jessy Bilski, according to CSU news.

Williams was in town for a vacation with his girlfriend and her son on July 19, according to authorities. During his stay, he asked the owner of a Dodge Challenger if he could take it for a spin to see “what it could do.”

Authorities say Williams was driving erratically on the 3700 block of South Atlantic Avenue near his hotel at speeds up to 106 mph. The speed limit in that vicinity is 35 mph. According to authorities, Williams was driving at 94 mph when he ran over Bilski, who was riding his motorcycle from behind. As Williams approached the end of Bilski Street, he struck a curb, a street sign, and a light pole before plowing through the wall of a building and into the resident’s kitchen, according to authorities.

Reginald Williams fled the accident, but Bilski was killed on the spot. Williams was eventually charged with vehicular homicide after authorities issued an arrest warrant. On August 25, Daytona Beach Shores officials flew to New Orleans to interview him. During interrogation, he acknowledged his guilt.

The police arrested him in New Orleans and flew him down to Florida. Ms. Williams was not given bail and is currently awaiting trial.

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