Australia Plans to Open Its Borders for Its Own Vaccinated Citizens to Travel

Australia Plans to Open Its Borders for Its Own Vaccinated Citizens to Travel

Australia is planning to lift a ban on people who have been vaccinated from going outside the country. But they haven’t set a date for when they will start accepting tourists from other countries. Travel restrictions would be lifted from Australians and permanent residents if 80% of the population is vaccinated. This has been a problem for 18 months because most people have not been able to travel home.

Australia introduced tough limitations on people entering and leaving the country on March 20th last year.

Most Australians have had to argue for an exemption from the travel ban. The only people who are not banned from traveling are government employees and those who work as essential workers. Tourism is not at all accepted as a reason to cross the border.

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Hundreds of thousands have been unable to reach relatives because there are restrictions on how COVID-19 can be brought into Australia. These people missed funerals or weddings and still haven’t met their grandchildren.

New South Wales is possible to be the first state to reach the goal of 80% vaccination. And Sydney’s airport may be the first one to open up for international travel. “We’ve saved lives and livelihoods, but we must work together to give people back the life that they one-time had in this country,” Morrison said.

Qantas Airways says it will start flying again to London and Los Angeles on November 14. Morrison did not say when other nationalities would be welcome to visit Australia.

Australia Plans to Open Its Borders for Its Own Vaccinated Citizens to Travel

The man said, “We will work on when it is safe to travel from certain countries, such as New Zealand.”

Australia has a very close relationship with New Zealand. New Zealanders are allowed to travel into Australia without having to go through customs and it is easy for them to come and go. These two countries were able to do this before the outbreak of the virus in Sydney in June.

The Australian Tourism Export Council, which is for tourists who made 45 billion Australian dollars before the pandemic, said that the end of the travel ban meant that people from around the world can go back to their home countries by March.

In a statement, the council’s managing director said that it marks a shift in thinking. The government and people in the community are engaged with the world again.

There is a limit on the number of people from Australia and living in Australia who can come back every week. There are 45,000 people who cannot come back to Australia because of this limit. This is to help with the hotel quarantine for those with a more contagious illness.

In the new law, only people who have not been vaccinated would have to stay in a hotel for two weeks. People who are vaccinated could stay at home and they would only need to be there for one week.

Australia added Sinovac and AstraZeneca shots to their list of vaccines. These are made in China and India. These are different than the ones made in Australia which you can take to be vaccinated.

If you are not vaccinated, then you can’t go to other countries. People who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons or children too young to get the vaccine would still have the same privileges as people who are vaccinated.

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