Protesters Hit Glasgow Streets as Part of Global Climate Rallies

Protesters Hit Glasgow Streets as Part of Global Climate Rallies (1)

GLASGOW, Nov 6 —Thousands of people had a protest today in Glasgow. They had been waiting for a long time for this event. People from all over the world came to protest.

Many events happen around the world to demand cuts in fossil fuel use and help for communities that are already affected by climate change. The events are mostly in poor countries in the Southern Hemisphere.

In Glasgow, people will walk on the streets. They expect 50,000 people to do this. Demonstrators gathered at a park near the COP26 venue, chanting, “Our world is under attack, stand up and fight back!”

I think that many politicians are scared of our movement. A 22-year-old person who gave her name as Jenny said this. She said it is important for people from smaller countries to fight for them because they cannot go to the conference. The conference has been beset by accusations of exclusion.

Almost 200 countries are here to make a law that will make the Earth’s temperature not go over 1.5 degrees Celsius more. In the middle of COP26, some countries have increased their pledges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Some deals in COP26 are coal, foreign oil funding, and methane.

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Widespread Demos

In the promises, countries followed a pre-COP26 estimate from the UN that said national climate plans together with bringing Earth on course to warm 2.7C this century.

Climate change is happening, and we already see its effects. With just 1.1 degrees of warming, there have been more intense fires and droughts, displacement, and economic ruin. A recent study showed that CO2 emissions were going to increase in 2021 to levels before the pandemic.

Greta Thunberg, a Swedish campaigner, said the summit went nowhere near far enough in her speech at Friday’s youth march in Glasgow. She called the conference “a failure.”

On Saturday in Australia, protesters in Sydney and Melbourne dressed as lumps of coal or Prime Minister Scott Morrison. They said the talks were a sham and called their leader an embarrassment.

At a protest, one sign said, “No more blah, blah blah. Real climate action now.” South Korean capital Seoul saw 500 people take to the streets. These people demanded action for communities that were already hit by the fallout of a warming planet.

1,000 people gathered in London with signs that said “Less talk more action” and “No More COP outs.” But others have told people not to judge the UN-led climate process too quickly. The earth science center director tweeted that COP26 has barely started. If activists say that your fossil fuel company’s product is bad, the executives of the company might be happy.

‘Words Not Enough’

People in Glasgow are worried about crime, and many stores closed on the day of the march. Lots of people came, and there were a lot of different groups there, like Extinction Rebellion.

Thousands of people are marching in the United States and all around the world today. They want to demand that something is done right away. “We need to meet and talk for a week. We need to work hard on plans. We are not going to do this with just words.”

A lot of people will talk about the COP26 negotiations today. Tomorrow, they will pause before continuing. This is because ministers are coming to push for compromises that have been hard to fight for. Countries need to work out how they will follow their pledges in the Paris deal. They need to work on how they will trade carbon, what time frames they have for reporting and how transparent it will be.

Brianna Fruean, a member of the Pacific Climate Warriors, said that world leaders should take note of protesters’ demands. The woman said, “It can’t keep going like this.” “We refuse to be victims of this crisis. We are not drowning; we are fighting.” You can hear us on Saturday. — CSU World Record

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