To Protect “white Demographics in America,” Charlie Kirk Wants Citizen Militia at Border

To Protect “white Demographics in America,” Charlie Kirk Wants Citizen Militia at Border

Right-wing individuals occasionally leap ahead of themselves and scream the quiet part out loud, even though they’re aware in advance. Charlie Kirk appears to understand this, so he says, “I’m going to go ahead and say it,” regardless.

In the clip below, posted by Media Matters’ Jason Campbell, Kirk is seen complaining about immigrants entering the country and seeking asylum. He criticizes the left for believing that “the country is changing” only because of their votes, and he claims that this puts “white demographics” at risk. However, he’s proposing a solution: a militia of deputized civilians sent to the border with handcuffs. (He stops short of suggesting whether they should be armed.)


“I know a lot of fantastic patriots in the wonderful state of Texas — and I adore Texas — who have been waiting for this moment. Make a citizen army and deputize them. Put ’em on the border. Give ’em cuffs. Get it done, right? Sure, that’s showy. What’s more dramatic than an invasion of a country? The occupation of the nation…This is why the other side has openly acknowledged that it’s all about bringing in people they want and like, and honestly, this is just one more reason I’m glad we’re here. “It’s more important than ever to address the fact that our country is becoming less and less white. We’re going to say it out loud. Many people in the corporate media are too afraid to talk about it.”

So, in short, there’s this group of people who think of themselves as great patriots and are willing to fight to keep immigrants and asylum-seekers out of the United States. So how did we get here?


Finally, just because border guards are patrolling does not imply that such horrible human rights abuse will go unnoticed by the president and the US government. — but Kirk appears to think that a civilian force would be beneficial?

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