Tiger King Season 2 Is Confirmed for Release This Year as Netflix Promises’ Just as Much Mayhem and Madness.’

Tiger King Season 2 Is Confirmed for Release This Year as Netflix Promises' Just as Much Mayhem and Madness.' (1)

The second season of Tiger King will premiere sooner than you think, as Netflix has revealed the next installment of the strange and fascinating documentary.

The Tiger King episode was most likely thought to be concluded, as the first season ended with Joe Exotic’s arrest and imprisonment for attempting to hire someone to murder animal rights activist Carole Baskin, a long-standing adversary.

Tiger King Season 2 will debut before the end of 2021; Netflix has given us an early Christmas present by stating.

Netflix announced on Thursday that Tiger King is returning this year — and that Season 2 will provide even more mayhem and madness!’ A tweet from Netflix’s official Twitter account read, “Tiger King is coming back this year— and Season 2 promises to be just as chaotic and insane!”

It’s good news for fans of the first docu-series, but they’ll be sorely disappointed if they were hoping to see Carole back on television.

It was revealed this year that Carole and her new husband, Howard Baskin, have refused to be involved in the future episodes, claiming they were disappointed by directors Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin.

‘It was just a few weeks ago that Rebecca Chaiklin contacted me to clear the air,’ Carole told CSU in February.

‘I’ve been saying how we were misled into thinking this was the Blackfish for big cats, only to discover that it was a freak show they created,’

So when she declared that she wanted to clear the air, I thought, You know, that’s a little ridiculous. It was so self-evident to me that they’d deceived me.

‘Why on earth would she think that I’d want to talk to them again? So I advised her to just erase my number.’

Joe is now attempting all possibilities to be released from jail as soon as possible after being sentenced to 22 years in 2020 for the conspiracy to a murder charge, as well as other charges.

A criminal court in New York state affirmed the defendant’s guilt in July, but he was ordered to be re-sentenced.

Tiger King season 2 has yet to be confirmed for a premiere date by Netflix.

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