Crime up After Historic Fire in Downtown Las Vegas

Crime up After Historic Fire in Downtown Las Vegas

(CSU) LAS VEGAS – Residents in the vicinity claim there has been an increase in crime in the time after a large fire at a downtown Las Vegas complex destroyed over a dozen lofts.

Numerous inhabitants were forced to flee the wildfire, which Las Vegas Fire and Rescue described as the biggest fire to occur inside the city boundaries in the previous 25 years. The majority of these people have since found new homes or are sleeping in hotels.

Although there are cameras there, according to the residents, theft has always been a problem in the complex. However, thieves are now taking advantage of the situation and stealing everything from TVs to furniture.

Ryan Grillo, a tenant of a loft in downtown Las Vegas, said, “We have been pretty susceptible ever since the fire. It seems like news has gotten out and they just keep coming.”

Residents claim that even though police have erected cameras around the perimeters and even have a patrol car on site to deter crime, people are still stealing other people’s possessions.

Residents of the downtown loft neighbourhood claim that they are collaborating with their HOA to put in better fence and increased security. However, doing so would require them to spend more money. Numerous people have reported the thefts to the police, but they claim that thus yet nothing has been done.

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