Russian Gas And EU Law high on Agenda As Scholz Visits Poland

Russian Gas And EU Law high on Agenda As Scholz Visits Poland

BERLIN, Germany, December 12 (CSU) – On Sunday, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will pay a visit to Warsaw to discuss the Belarusian immigration problem, Poland’s judicial independence, Russia’s military buildup near Ukraine, and a Russian gas pipeline to Germany.

Scholz said he wanted Germany to have a good relationship with Poland. And Poland wants Germany to be different.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has stated he would lobby Scholz to reject the start-up of the Nord Stream 2 project, which will transport Russian gas to Germany without going through Ukraine, citing concerns that Russia may use it against Europe.

Meanwhile, Germany has supported Poland’s attempts to stem the influx of refugees seeking admission from Belarus, a situation that the European Union has blamed on Minsk, and has pledged to assist Warsaw and Brussels in finding a solution.

The legal system in Poland, on the other hand, continues to be a source of dispute.

In Europe, people are not sure about the law. They think it is different from when they were in school. The television said this man said that.


The European Court of Justice fined Poland after it found that the Law and Justice party’s judicial reforms violated EU law.

Poland has refused to pay the punishment, and its highest court has determined that Polish legislation overrides EU regulations.

Germany’s new administration, which took office on Wednesday, has made no formal pledge to block the Nord Stream 2 project if Russia invades Ukraine, as Poland and the US have requested.

Russia has been stockpiling soldiers on the Ukrainian border, raising concerns about an invasion. If soldiers enter, US President Joe Biden warned his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin that Nord Stream 2 might be interrupted and harsh economic consequences imposed.

According to a senior congressional aide, US officials have informed members of Congress that they have reached an agreement with Germany to shut down Nord Stream 2 if Russia invades Ukraine.

German authorities have not verified the accusations, but Scholz stated on Wednesday that if Russia crossed Ukraine’s border, there would be repercussions, a position echoed by the Group of Seven wealthiest democracies on Sunday.

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