Young Children Among 3 Dead in Shooting in Columbus

Young Children Among 3 Dead in Shooting in Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ohio — 3 people were shot and killed on Tuesday night. Two of them were children. The police and residents are all shocked by what happened.

Assistant Police Chief LaShanna Potts said that the victims were found dead in a car that was parked on the 6600 block of Kodiak Drive. The car had been “riddled” with bullets, so it was difficult to figure out what had happened.

Police officers helped the three victims with first aid. One of the victims was a young adult male, but all of them died at the scene. The Columbus Dispatch says that there was a fourth person taken to Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, but it is unclear if they were hurt because of gunfire. Columbus has had many homicides this year, and Potts is sad about this.

Potts says, “This is unacceptable. I am angry.” There has been too much violence in the city. We need the community to help stop this violence. Please, stop this gun violence! This mother now has two babies she will not be able to raise. They don’t grow up and get married and go to school. This should be an outrage for this community.

Potts wouldn’t share how old the children are. They are young. They are babies. We want them to be here with us. Whoever did this didn’t take the time to see who was inside the car? They are doing reckless gun violence, and it is plaguing this community.

The police officers are upset. This mother is grieving, and the family is sad. We want to find these bad people who killed two young babies even though they knew they were inside a car. Potts said she had no information about the people who might have committed this crime. Meanwhile, she made a plea for an end to gun violence.

We don’t value life, and we need to do better. I can’t say anything to bring this family closure.

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