What Cowboy Bebop Season 2 Could Look Like, According to the Cast and Showrunner

What Cowboy Bebop Season 2 Could Look Like, According to the Cast and Showrunner (1)

Netflix will make a new Anime show, Cowboy Bebop. It will be different from the original Anime. The first season of the live show ended with a cliffhanger, and now there’s going to be a second season.

Netflix has not yet said whether or not they will make another season of Cowboy Bebop. The show is at a great place. There are some things that might happen. But we need to know more before we can decide if there will be another season. The cast does not know either.


The Netflix adaptation for Vicious is different than the Anime, and it ends with Julia and Spike hurting. The last episode has flashbacks to when Spike was “Fearless,” and he did not have any wounds.

Elena Satine was happy to see her character Julia be in a powerful position. The showrunner of Cowboy Bebop knew she would be and wanted it from the beginning.

Spike has to pay for his problems. He did a bad thing, and now he will have to pay the price. Elena is happy because she earned the right to shoot him.

Julia shoots Spike, but he is not killed. Julia also does not kill her husband, Vicious. Vicious is not free either, though. Julia keeps him as her prisoner and lets him speak for the Syndicate in public while he is her prisoner.

“Vicious in the Anime is more broken than he is in the show. And there’s potential that we can take him even further away from what happens in the Anime. We’re seeing Vicious more broken than he was before, and this might be different.”


Meanwhile, Vicious and Julia’s machinations are making things worse for Faye. She finally gets to know who she is when she wakes up from cryosleep-induced amnesia. Spike learns about his past when he meets Vicious. Jet also has to deal with Spike’s past after Vicious kidnaps his daughter and uses her as bait. The three friends get out of the final problem with Jet’s daughter. But they make a decision to go their separate ways. This is a sad ending for this world where things were so optimistic.

“It is really sad to me,” John Cho says of his character’s last scenes. “I am sad for Spike, and I was so bummed when Jet walked away. That scene was really hard in the moment.”

In a theoretical season 2, we would like to see it resolved quickly. The show had a great crescendo, and the leap will be big.

Radical Ed brings Ein back. He tells Spike that he needs to help her with the “butterfly man” before he does something bad. Ed’s appearance is a taste of what showrunner André Nemec hopes to give in season 2 – The more original Anime was remade as the new live-action space.

In the early days of the writer’s room, we would ask, “Which is your favorite episode and why?” We would put those episodes up on the board and pick out the ones that we could not use for Season 1. There are many episodes that I am very excited to explore for Season 2 if we get one.

Pineda, Cho, and Shakir all agree with this one thing: Jet needs to wear clothes that are not as tight.

I want Jet to take a bath. He always wears a onesie, and it never comes off.

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